The Key of placement: composition.

In this gallery, I would like to show you all the different composition in each paintings and drawings with the use of different techniques.

This "View of Arnhem from the South" painting is using two canvases, one square and one rectangle which shows the golden ration and uses a great perspective point of view.
The way Albrecht Durer painted this hare, makes it like you could almost "feel" how soft the fur is.
in this illustration, you can really tell who is "weak" and who is "strong" by how the artist drew straight and curved lines.
In here, you have clear details of the structure of the Church of St. Lawrence. Piter Janszoon used a great way to show perspective.
The window makes it looks like a painting within a painting. A perfect place for an artist to be inspired.
In this painting, the artist, Giambattista Tiepolo not only used the linear perspective but also the effect that the ceiling is higher than the building itself.
An other one of Giambattista Tiepolo's painting, which caught my eyes, where he made it seem that the ceiling is also much higher than in reality.
This one is one of my favorite! Martin Ron really creates the "illusion" that the turtle is coming out of the wall.
Antonio Boselli really brings out the main figure in his painting of the "Madonna of Merci" by using the dark and light effect called chiaroscuro.
This painting makes me think of a recreation of "the Last Supper" except here you have two focus points: the gentlemen sitting at the table and the gentlemen standing by the door.
Even though there are a lot of different characters, you can tell where Jacques-Louis David wanted to have his focus point by using more light on the main figures.
Antonio Canal emphasized the structure of the two arches, which one of them has a hanging light to point on how small the gate is, which brings more length to the garden.
The placement of the hands makes it really look like they are going to grab you.
The position of the cats and the way the artist uses the colors makes them come to life.
The perspective Godfrey Frankenstein uses in this painting makes it you could enter the painting to see what is on the other side of the river band.
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