Light at Night

All of the work I have picked shows light from either a man-made source or from nature at night.

This long exposure by Justine Walpole is perfect for my gallery. The image itself has a beautiful landscape showing all of the light from across the water with an amazing reflection.
A Wet Night by William A. Fraser is a beautiful concept. The fog overtaking the image makes you feel as if you were there.
This entire piece shows and depicts power. The lightning from the storm above lights the waves and highlights the rest.
Serpentine by Olafur Eliasson is a simple but beautiful image. the lights inside the structure give off a very soft light. The entire image is smooth and gives a peaceful feeling.
Lugo Cathedral and the city below are highlighted by the city lights and lights of the cars below. The sky is very calm and overall sets a soft feeling for the image.
The feeling of this image at first seems off putting but as I really looked at it I truly enjoyed it. The fireworks are the main focus of the image but the lights draw your attention.
This image at first makes you unsure of what you're looking at. But the bright colors of the out of focus draw you in. Motel by Kong shows the beauty of man-made neon lights.
A Campfire by Kong is my favorite piece in this gallery. The textures in the sky are beautiful while the fire below is so fierce.
The moon in this photo is the source of the light in this image. Everything in view is highlighted by the beauty of the moon.
Jeu De Mots is the last image of my gallery. This long exposure is exactly what my gallery describes. Without the lights of the city everything here would be dark.
Credits: All media
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