This gallery features creative street art and brilliantly displays the colors in different countries and settings. Common forms of street art include: stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art or sticker art, and street installation or sculpture. Most of the time created to attract attention, street art is created to communicate to the public on a large scale. Some artists use their artwork to send a message while others do it for amusement.

ART by Jace (2012) Art is located in Paris, France and was created by an artist who is known for completing work in this style. Jace uses strange imaginary mechanisms with other elements. He has added the little orange men characters and he has been painting them since 1992. The artwork displays robotic characteristics, like a machine with a convey belt. The word noises appear fun and entertaining. ART is displayed in a comic style.
Bipolar, amor vs ódio by Mr. Trazo (2013) Bipolar, amor vs ódio is located in Europe and was created by an artist who has been exhibited in notable galleries is several different countries. Mr. Trazo is one artist that is different from others. He does not create his work for the public but for himself. This piece was featured in the WOOL Covilha Urban Art Festival. He uses several variations of sharp and angled lines. Three-dimensional space is displayed and gives depth to the image.
Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane by Choq (2014) Aerosol Alley, Artists Lane is located Melbourne. The area where this is displayed is an open, a gallery of street art. The Stonnington City Council has officially named it Artists Lane. It is known to give life to the area. The artwork seems to tell a story, he is at the top of the city and painting down on it. His name appears towards the top the tallest building. Depth takes place and also various colors to make certain pieces pop and catch attention. Proportion is used properly and enables the viewer to see which part of the art is closer and further away, including shading.
Visual art by Alice (2012) Visual art is located in Parco Michelotti, Italy. The artist uses lines and color to express herself in this piece. The shadowing gives depth. The colors give a illusion of an outline.
Rose Street car park is located in Fitzroy, Melbourne (2014) and was created by a artist by the name of TREAS. TREAS has a urban graffiti style and uses bright colors to catch the eye and dark colors such as black and purple for the background. Dark outlines are being used to highlight the art and give it depth.
Sticky 5, painted on a wall in Las Pinas City, Cavite, Philippines (2011). This art was created by Rai Cruz a Filipino artist who's goal is to grab the audiences attention. Dark colors are used for shadowing and the light colors are used to create a 3D effect. Each lighter color gives the art the necessary highlights to complete the 3D effect.
Untitled by APSTE (2013) Untitled is located in Tigre, Buenos Aires. This piece features puzzle pieces and shapes that evolve into a city along the water. There are two men painted in the piece who appear to look similar. The shadowing gives depth and the proportion make it appear that parts are further away. There are two cities and seem divided by the water.
Nostalgic Fragmentation Series by Crist Espiritu (2013) Nostalgic Fragmentation Series is located in Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Crist displays similarities throughout his artwork. He uses organs and facial features for expression. The use of colors is bright and bold. He also uses Shapes and lines to create a 3D effect.
JR by JR. JR is located in Amelot Paris. JR believed that older people are the living memory of a city changing faster than they age. For him, every wrinkle and each day that passes are inscribed into the buildings on the streets. Using value JR is able to create artwork using only black and white tones. The light tone represent where the light hits the object. The dark tones show where the light does not and creates shadows.
Mural by Alice Pasquini was created (2012-2014) on a brickwall in Sydenham, London. This work of art shows drastic use of value. You can easily see where the light hits her figure and appears to be glowing. The soft colors add a warm, calming touch. The value on the opposite side also give shadow and depth to the image.
Credits: All media
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