Art App. Project JWB14

Schlesinger and Mayer Store: Circular Medallion, demonstrates radial symmetry because any way you cut it in half through the center, each side will come out equal.
The Herring Net is a good example of a painting that shows space by giving the illusion of depth. The artist uses the waves and the boat figures to make it seem like the painting has a lot of depth.
Nighthawks: This painting is a good example of complementary colors because of all of the shades of green and red either touching or being close to one another.
Monochromatic Plum Blossoms: This painting is a good example of a monochromatic color scheme because it only uses grey.
City Landscape is clearly nonrepresentational because it has no identifiable objects
Tableau Vert: This painting has to be the perfect example of afocal emphasis because there isn't anything close to a focal point.
Yang Pu Moving His Family: This is a good example of asymmetrical balance because there is so much more of the content to the far right side, and the painting basically diminishes to the left side.
Mrs. Herbert Duckworth: This painting is an example of chiaroscuro due to the fact that the painting is mostly very dark, but uses the small amount of light it has to emphasize the woman's face.
The Bewitched Mill is a good example of an abstract painting because the artist is using unconventional shapes and colors to make a painting that can be vaguely identified as a Mill, but it isn't obvious like something representational.
Sideboard is an example of geometric shape because it is comprised of only squares and rectangles.
Valley Pasture is an example of a representational painting because it looks like a real valley.
Among the Sierra Nevada, California is a great example of unity to me because it seems like a calm landscape where every aspect goes together perfectly with one another.
Capture of H.B.M. Frigate Macedonia by U.S. Frigate... is a good example of a painting that uses implied texture. To me, the best example of implied texture in this painting is how the use of color and differing brush strokes in the waves give the look of a water-like texture.
Ajax is a great example of emphasis in a work of art. I mean, it's pretty difficult to miss the giant bull in the middle of work as the point of emphasis.
Distant View of the Mandan Village is an example of a painting that uses Analogous colors because of the usage of almost a yellow, a light yellow-green, a lighter green, and then a dark green.
The Goldfish Bowl (Mrs. Richard... is an example of symmetrical balance because the content is placed perfectly in the center, having the baby on the left, the woman on the right, and the smaller child in the middle of the painting.
Nocturne is the perfect example of hatching and crosshatching because the boat and the rest of the content of the painting was made from small, straight lines in a hatching and a crosshatching fashion.
I see Nocturne: Blue and Silver--Battersea Reach as an example of perceptual color because the more I look at it, the more I perceive its colors in a different way.
Large plate is a good example of pattern because of the repeating motifs around the plate's center.
Album of miscellaneous sketches is an example of a painting using contour lines because the only lines present are those necessary to see the outline of the horse and to see the curves of the horse.
Yoshitsune Falls is a great example of arbitrary colors because the artist used a color on the horse that just is not possible.
Tortoise with dragon head is a good example of actual texture because one could actually feel the texture of the work.
Blue magpie on maple branch is a good example of an artist using proportion because the artist made the bird's tail look very long because it was long in proportion with the bird's body.
Cuckoo flying under a full moon is a good example of the usage of implied line because the artist created an implied line in the center of this work by placing the blue and white close together and drawing the bird in the middle.
Portrait of Clarence White is a good example of contrast because the artist is contrasting light and dark colors.
The Cheyenne is the perfect example of the illusion of movement in an art work because the sculptor puts the horse and the Native American in a position that just makes them seem like they are moving.
School House Quilt is an example of repetition because it repeats that same design over and over again.
Dream of Arcadia is a great example of variety because there is just so much going on in this painting. There are many different aspects of this painting that the viewer gets to take in.
The Isle of the Dead is a great example of the usage of scale because the artist paints the boat relatively small in comparison to the rock formation, making the formation look gigantic.
The Fog Warning is an example of foreshortening because the artist gives the viewer the illusion that the boat recedes into the distance.
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