Heroic visions - (Ronald mahoney)

In todays Pop culture, now more than ever, Superheroes are all the rage! They are literally everywhere you look from billboards, tv and movies, but where did this all begin? In this gallery called Heroic Visions, we will discover what early pieces of art heavily influenced generations of dreamers and artists to paint, sculpt and build tributes to their heroes.

In this portrait, there are circus performers depicted in the picture with a high wire performer in the front and possibly assistants in the back talking. The form, body and stance of the male figure screams power and almost seems as if he's about to take flight into the heavens above.
The artist Stepanov Timofey Andreevich represents this oil painting also with sheer power. The first thing you notice when your eyes glance over the painting is the color. The intensity of the bright red, oranges and yellows depict a feeling of a fierce battle filed with rage and fire. You could almost say that the hero is battling the ferocious beast in a climactic battle in the fiery pits of hell!
In this art in the colors of grays and whites, we can see a very cold stern depiction of battle. The motion of the huge warrior leaps into battle with sword drawn ready to take down any opposing forces. As far as proportion, the warrior and his horse are larger than life demonstrating the power of the warrior.
The space of this painting shows that the focus remains on the hero mighty Hercules! There is a void of color which represents the seriousness of the statement of power. The lines are bold and shaded also depicting strength in hercules. There is a lack of pattern which also suggests more focus on the hero.
The shape of the sculpture shows a boldness and heroism shown through the big locks of hair, the wide jawline and the slim nose and wide eyes. Heroes are often portrayed with stern expressions and chiseled good looks as demonstrated here.There is a sense of peace within the expression of the sculpture and balance with the even eyes and short well kept hair.
This drawing shows a simplicity to it, not only through the lack of background and color, but also through the nudity of the hero Apollo. The space shows emphasis on the hero Apollo. The character is large in scale and is very detailed. There are no patterns also depicting a focus on Apollo.
The movement of this sculpture is strong shown through the fact that the character Alexander the great is leaning forward towards whatever he is about to battle.The lines are very defining through the detailed head, cape and face. The color of the statuette also depicts a stern emotionless war attitude.
With St. George the Dragon slayer, the screen icon is gray depicting a cold war like nature and the color of the head is seemingly angel like in nature. The pattern of the screen is uniform throughout with symbols and writings in a frame surrounding the picture and scattered inside. The movement of the hero is leaping into battle. St. George is huge and is obviously the main focus of the screen.
The movement of this sculpture is powerful with the rider leaping forward into battle. The space is extremely limited with the rider being the main focal point. The color is shades of brown void of any vitality or life. The texture of the sculpture appears to be stone.
Here is yet another depiction of St. George the Dragon Slayer. This painting is interesting , not only because it is done on a different medium, but also because it has vibrant color. The color may represent a victory over the dragon and a celebration of life containing on after the vanquishing of evil.
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