Kanaka ma'oli

 Hawaiians like myself have a culture that runs deep. its called Kanaka Ma'oli or Native Hawaiian culture and Is the belief in ancient Hawaiian legends, Hawaiian religion and we believe in many Gods. Even though I am christian, I am also Kanaka Ma'oli. In Hawaiian culture we have a well-known Goddess named Pelehonuamea or "Pele"  who in which is the Goddess of fire and lava. Pele is presumed to be one of the daughters of Haumea (Goddess of fertility.) She has many siblings who are also Gods, among them are Namakaokaha'i, the water spirit and Hi'iakaikapua'ena'ena, Goddess of the wilderness.  Hawaiians also have many more Gods and Goddesses that include Papahanaumoku (earth mother), Wakea (Sky father) Kamohoali'i ( shark-god) and more....The Kanaka Ma'oli allowed captain James Cook to settle on the islands, teaching Hawaiians English and Christianity in 1778 and is the first European to come across the islands of Hawaii. On January 17th, 1893, Hawaii's monarchy was overthrown when a group of American businessmen forced Queen Lilioukalani to abidcate. Queen Lilioukalani renounced her thrown in the monarchy to the men to prevent the bloodshed it would bring to the Native Hawaiian people. The Kanaka Ma'oli had a way of entertainment that was full of cultural beliefs and more. Hula expressed the stories of the Ai'na (Land) , the Kai (ocean) and the Lani ( heavens) . They used mele (song) and Oli (chants) to depict the meaning of the dance.

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