This Gallery will discuss the history of what happened, in Ancient History during the time of the renaissance. We will go over the fine texture of the oil paintings and of the canvas.

This is a Carthaginian soldier, sitting in the Ruins of Carthage. He fought so hard to make his people safe again, they wanted to paint him in the ruins, of where Carthage is and what it was. Look at how there is dark texture in this painting, but you can see the light texture in the background. There is some light texture reflecting off the soldier.
Zeus is the leader of all the Gods and Goddesses, he is also the father of the people. Many people prayed to Zeus for guidance, and for help when they needed it. Zeus was loved by some, but not by all. The sunlight shining through the ceiling of the Zeus temple, is reflecting off of Zeus, showing the light and dark texture of the statue.
This party was thrown for these soldiers, to celebrate their victory. Many of these party was thrown, when they completed a mission. So they were treated like kings, with food, drinks, music and women. The sun is setting showing the light and dark texture in this painting, there is some dark texture in the color of the clothing.
King Leonidas didn't trust anyone, so he banished people who didn't listen or follow his rules. You made a move of a trader, you were banished from the kingdom for ever. The painting has a lot of dark texture, but you can see the sun is setting. Which shows the light and darkness of the colors.
Julius Caesar wanted to rule the his empire, he thought that he had a destiny to rule the world. That many people would love him, and if people didn't stand with him were to be killed. He destroyed many towns and villages. In this painting there is dark texture, but the light of fire brings out the light texture of everyone and everything.
Many people didn't think that Perseus could kill Medusa, because he was nothing but a god. But he said that he would kill Medusa has a man, not being a god. He wanted people to see that he could succeed. Again the fire from the torches brings out the light texture, from the dark texture.
The Nymphs, Satyrs and other figures throw a party for the lovely Venus. Celebrating her beauty, the sunset shows the light texture in the background. While you can see the dark texture around the figures of the ruins, on to the Nymphs, Satyrs, Venus and the other figures.
Nymphs and Satyrs had a feast for Bacchanale the god of wine, they partied from the afternoon until night. Sometimes the party would last until the next day, it became a ritual that was held in the Classical ruins. The sunlight hits the ruins and shines on the Nymphs and Satyrs feast, showing little dark texture. But a lot of light textures.
The ruins of what Rome looked like, after many rulers ruled the empire. No one could keep the beauty of the mother beautiful anymore, it fell apart with nothing but memory of what was. Look how the light surfaces brings out the dark texture in the painting, of the sun hitting every building parts.
A Spartan man getting ready to goto war, saying his goodbyes while he was getting ready. Saying what could be his last I loves you's to his wife, the last thing she could ever hear again. Look how this drinking vase was detailed, and how the light reflects off of the vase. The texture has light and dark surfaces, which brings out the painting.
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