The Embodiment of love - rafael malaret

This gallery includes different pieces of art representing the goddess know as Venus, who in Roman mythology is known as the goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire. These pieces of art have been created in different mediums like oil paintings, sculptures, and others, but they all originate from Italy. 

In this oil painting we can see the goddess Venus resting at what looks like the top of a hill, naked using her clothes as a bed. In the background we can see what looks like a huge house or building. This entire painting represents a harmonic state. The painting has a very realistic look, the outlines are very thin, almost blended with the fill to make the shapes look more realistic.
This painting represents the goddess Venus holding onto her lover, Adonis. She is trying to convince him to not go to war because she fears that he will most likely meet his death. This painting seems to have many shades of brown, giving it a muddy color scheme. The characters in the middle seem to have a thicker outline than the hounds next to them.
In this painting we see Venus holding Cupid on her lap. They both seem happy being together. It looks like they in a forest and Venus is sitting on a rock, you can see trees and a mountain in the background. This painting has more noticeable lighting, it seems that the main source of light is coming from the left and above, maybe simulating the sun’s direction.
This is a bronze sculpture of the goddess Venus holding an apple. The color almost looks gold, making Venus look righteous in the sculpture. The mold of the sculpture is very detailed, the wrinkles of the cloth on her legs look very realistic and details in her hands look very well molded. Even her hair has a nice realistic pattern.
This is an oil painting where we can see Venus standing between Mars and Neptune. It seems that Mars is either trying to approach Neptune or attack him, but Neptune doesn’t seem to interested in Mars and Venus seems to be trying to avoid any conflict between them. It’s very interesting how Venus seems to be brighter than Neptune, as if the sunlight is hitting her directly and Neptune is hiding in the shadows.
This painting has a very different style from the others in the gallery. Here we see Venus with a bowl of fruit and her clothes only cover half her chest. This painting has a more cartoonish look to it with more distinguished outlines and harsher shadows, specially in her face. It has a more smooth look to it.
In this unique painting we get to see Venus convincing her estranged husband Vulcan into making a set of armor for her son Aeneas. She is presented on the higher ground, with white sheets around her and bright pale skin while Vulcan is presented lower than her, covered by shadows. There’s a lot of detail painted here, Vulcan’s back muscles are very noticeable, and even the pillars in the background have some nice details to them, this gives a realistic feel and look to the artwork.
This painting depicts the goddess Venus standing in the ocean rinsing her hair with a single seashell floating next to her. The source of light seems to be coming from the left, shining on Venus while everything else looks dark. The shapes in the painting have realistic colors to them, Venus’ hair is not just one color solid color but multiple shades that give her hair a more realistic look. You can see the same in seashell and the ocean.
I find this painting very interesting. The goddess of love is admiring herself by looking into a mirror. She is wearing jewels like earrings and bracelets. Cupid is behind her trying to put a crown on her head. The fur and fabric around Venus portray really beautiful color. While Cupid seems to be blending with the background, Venus is separated attracting the attention to her.
This is a painting of the temple of Venus. We see other buildings surrounding it but the main focus is on the temple. The brushstrokes are pretty noticeable but give the painting a nice texture. The painting has some nice bright colored structures that seem blended with one another. There’s a lot of details in this painting which amazes me. The lighting in the painting even looks very realistic.