Use of Perspective

Here I added paintings and photographies that apply different perspectives.

The feeling of darkness in the Gothic Church and use of the 1 point perspective
Here the use of the 1 point perspective and the comparison between the enormous structure and the small people.
Here Aspasia and the philosophers are in the foreground but the use of 1 point perspective gives a great sense of depth.
In this painting we can see the building in the background in 2 point perspective and how slowly it is defused by depth.
Here is the use of atmospheric perspective that makes the background look like it is disappearing in the mist.
Here is 1 point perspective and also atmospheric perspective that grants the feeling of deepness .
A very good example of 1 point perspective everything looks mathematically constructed , all the lines guiding to the background of the painting.
Again another perfect example of 1 point perspective.
Here is a 3 point perspective that makes us feel we are watching the building from below.
Another example of atmospheric perspective giving the feeling that the woman in the balcony is staring at the landscape in the background.
A 3 point perspective that allows the viewer to focus on the enormous building.
An example of one point perspective look how the arches align perfectly.
the atmospheric perspective gives a feeling of deepness in the landscape making it look realistic.
Extremely detailed in 1 point perspective everything perfectly aligned to the background.
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