The simple beauty of lines

Put together by Paris Shields

This piece is an excellent use of lines and perspective in photography to make something great.
With a few simple lines, the artist creates a mesmerizing and wonderful piece of art with such simplicity.
This piece uses simple lines to really capture the beauty and essence of childhood.
The butterfly is a great example of the use of lines in 3D space.
This is an example of a less conventional art style that does great use of horizontal lines and shading.
This piece boasts excellent use of lines and texture.
The lines in this painting are very chaotic in nature and work very well.
The lines in this picture are very well placed, sectioning off the picture quite nicely.
Using only lines, the picture of this beautiful woman is brought to life.
This abstract piece makes great use of lines and color.
This graffiti piece uses very deliberate and bright lines to appeal to the eye.
This piece uses lines very well to convey the emotion of the picture.
This piece uses patterning lines and sharp angles that just make you want to stare at it.
This piece makes great use of the inverted colors that these lines are drawn in.
Credits: All media
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