Louisiana culture

This gallery is all about Louisiana. It displays pieces that represent what Louisiana is known for. Most people are aware of the Cajun-creole culture in the deep south of Louisiana and as a born and raised Louisianan I am proud of my home state and have a deep respect for its history. Though some of the history is not something to be proud of, without it the very diverse culture Louisiana is known for would be non-existent.  These pieces may not have been created to directly represent Louisiana but they absolutely create a feeling of home to me.

Louisiana has many wetlands that serve as a means of survival for people of the state. Wood for shelter, hunting and fishing for food and many other things. This picture creates a homely feeling to me
Louisiana housed many slaves in the 19th century. Cotton farms and Tobacco plantations can still be visited.They have beautiful décor and are a jewel in Louisiana history.
Jazz music is very popular in Louisiana and it is a large part of the state's culture. New Orleans is best known for its jazz music that can be heard almost all corners of the French quarter.
Louisiana cuisine is very diverse with roots from French, Mexico, Africa, and many other countries. With an abundance in seafood due to the Gulf of Mexico, it has become a large part La culture
Although Louisiana has many great qualities almost anyone who has been there can tell you that the mosquito should be the state bird! Ha! Mosquito nets are a must with any outdoor activities.
The ship channel is one of the most important parts of Louisiana trade. For many years this area has been abundant in ships and tug boats. This old Steamer was one of many in the 1800's.
Indians were and still are a large part of Louisiana population. Almost everyone born in the state will tell you they have some kind of Indian ancestor. They also own a very popular casino!
New Orleans and its access to the waterway has always played a large part in the state's history. Many battles were fought here for control of the Mississippi!
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