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This piece shows textured lines because most lines that are on the sloth look like hair. This adds character to the piece as well. This piece was chosen because the lines that represent hair add texture to the piece.
I picked this piece for the curved category because most of the hair in this is curved. Also there isn't that many straight hard lines in this piece. This adds an innocent effect on the piece.
I specifically chose this piece because there is a lot of implied lines. Some examples of this is when the sky meets the mountain or the trees.Also on the ground where the light meets the grass.
I chose this piece because it is a great example of a bold line. The entire piece is made of bold lines and there is not another type of line in this piece. It also looks like there is layers of lines.
I chose this piece for contours lines because they look real sketchy and there is not a lot of color added to this piece. I also put this under this category because all the lines are very thin.
I chose this piece to be under sparse for these reasons. One, it looks sketchy and more like a draft then a final piece. And this piece uses very sparse lines. And that is why I chose this piece.
I chose this piece to go under thin lines because the lines that the artist chose to create this was thin. All of the fine details to the big lines defining the piece are thin.
I chose this piece to go under diagonal lines because most of the thick barrier lines are diagonal. Also even some of the little lines inside are diagonal. Over all this piece is very slanted in different ways and is a good representation of a diagonal line.
I chose this piece to represent concentration in a line because of how detailed this piece is. I also put it under concentration because of its great value.
I chose this piece to show horizontal because of the objects in the picture. They are all horizontal except for one line but all the other ones are what, to me, made it show horizontal lines.
I chose this piece to represent vertical because of the bold red lines going straight up and down. Even though there are other lines going through it I still think that the bold red lines really define it.
I am choosing this piece for focused lines because this painting is very realistic. I also chose this piece to show focused lines because of boldness of the lines which also make it realistic and focused.
I chose this piece because it has actual lines. Even though some are implied, the artist found a way to put actual line surrounding the main center piece
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