Lost in the forest- By Amy T

Hello and welcome to my Gallery. This exhibit is about going on an adventure through the deep, dark and mysterious forest and getting lost among its leaves. Getting “Lost in the Forest” I might say. In this exhibit, I have placed the viewer to be the explorer that gets lost among the trees. It starts off on the skirts of the forest, finding a pathway and following it then suddenly going off trail and into the heart of the forest. You then will find the unique treasures of the forest, the exotic wildlife, the pretty plants and the little clues given to get out of the forest. I have chosen this theme to be my theme because the thought of getting lost in a big forest scares me but at the same time, excites me. All the new things that you could learn upon the way out of the forest. I’ve done this theme because I would like to see the experience in another way, which in this case, pictures, objects and paintings. These paintings, objects and pictures aren’t thrilling and exciting but are mysterious and dark creating that suspicious and excited feeling to the audience. At the end of my “Lost in the Forest” exhibit, bright lights and a new path is found signalling the end of your scary yet exciting journey through the deep, dark and mysterious forest. Thank you and enjoy my exhibit. Don’t get too lost or you won’t find your way out.

Structual- The tone in this painting is dark and mystical, with a hint of a bright light signifying hope. The paint colours used are calming and dark. The texture of this painting seems smooth and delicate. This artwork has been neatly painted using small, thin brush strokes and a steady hand.
Cultural- This artwork looks as if it had been painted after a disastrous event. The two men seem confused yet worried about the event. They are cautiously making their way through the damaged forest.
Subjective- This painting makes me feel calm and relaxed because of the colour and structure used in this artwork. Even though this painting looks busy in some parts, it has a still and calm environment. Its gives a soft and calm feeling to it.
Post Modern- This is a very weird but awesome cup It has that goofy and silly look to it but manages to be accepted as something that is considered art and looks good. The design of this cup is mystical and seems sort of dangerous which makes it interesting.
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