Vintage beachs

My gallery is based on a vintage beach theme. The artworks I have chosen are very old but are beautiful. I have chosen 15 pictures that represent a vintage beach. As you can see in all my pictures the colours used are natural, dull, peaceful and some are bright. All the pictures I have chosen have different meanings and values. They all represent different types of beaches, they show what beaches can be used for and how people treat beaches. All these artworks show different types of techniques that have been used to create these artworks, the tone of the colours from light to dark or dull to bright and the texture of each painting. My exhibition of vintage beaches show how people use to use the beaches and respect them. These pictures show culture in the way by seeing the way people dress and act. Personally this exhibition has a a lot of meaning because it shows the impact beaches had on people and how peaceful life was. The four different types of frames which are subjective, structural, cultural and post modern all show in these 15 artworks i have chosen. All the different frames help create each and every artwork so we have more of an understanding of the artwork and its meaning. I hope you enjoy my exhibition of vintage beaches as they will show you a different side of beauty. 

This work evidences the Structural Frame It shows the techniques used in the sand and the water. The colours used are light and peaceful. There aren't any defined lines but there are lines separating the water from the sand.
This artwork represents a post modern frame. It is an example of installation because you can interact with it.
The artwork I have chosen is beach scene which was created in 1887 by Jan Hendrik This artwork is 1369cm by width and 1069 by height (framed). The painting displays light, warm colours that complement each other. The dull colours in the painting display the tone and the mood of the artwork. The painting shows a sense of isolation due to the little population within the environment and the lack of green. There is a sense of calmness and quietness due to the lack of population, this complements the mood of the painting. In my opinion i love this piece of art because even though the colours that are used are quite dull it still shows a sense of beauty.
The artwork On the Beach Ogunquit, Maine was created in the year 1924. The painting is w16 x h12 inches. The painting was created by oil on panel. This artwork is displayed at Huntington Museum Of Art. This artwork shows people being entertained at the beach, either by each other or its surroundings. It is a very happy and bright artwork. It uses bright colours and has intense lighting. This piece of artwork shows how important family time can be because in the artwork as you can see it shows everyone at the beach all hanging out together and have a good time which represents happiness. In my opinion I love this artwork because of the colour choice and the story line.
This work evidences the Subjective Frame This shows the mood of the artwork, the mood is has a dark and sad feeling. In my opinion this artwork shows the isolation from the world. Your can see that there is a storm approaching which is making the weather really rough.
This work evidences the Cultural Frame This artwork shows family and friends gathering together as a tradition or ritual. The way they are dressed shows there culture and the time this artwork was created in. This artwork symbolises connection between eachother.
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