Art elEment

the line

The clear contour lines give the building volume in space. The directional line separates the building from the background. The brighter color of the roof focuses the eye on the "window" that opened up
The implies lines are there that separate the turtle and the land from the water
The counter lines give the shape of the woman
Drawn entirely by lines. The thickness of each line gives the image contrast and volume
The lines are essential to communicate accurate information
Has directional and implied lines. There are clear rectangular buildings. The lines direct the light in the sky
The count our lines give the object volume in space.
The lines are very clear, there are many square are rectangular shapes in the painting
Clear lines are needed to give the viewer the understanding of an accurate layout of the city
The lines distinguish the house from the background of the trees. The viewer clearly sees the perfectly rectangular windows and bricks
Credits: All media
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