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color terms

This picture contains primary colors. Primary colors are the main hues that are mixed to get another color with the other; the first colors,the main hues which are red, blue and yellow. hues specific colors are used as blankets or scarfs in the painting.
These are flowers and these flowers are in colors that are described or known as secondary which are orange, green, and purple.The petals are the whole flower is orange purple or yellow and the stems are green.
When one color of the primary(red, blue,& yellow) and secondary(orange, green, purple) colors are mixed together they together create a color called tertiary colors. This is used in the woman's dress because it's a mixture of red and orange.
A tetradic color is when two complementary colors are mixed together(primary and secondary). The horse in this painting is mixed with two colors that are complementary the horse appear as a blue-green aqua.
Analogous colors are in harmony with each other like if it's one specific hue mixed with another hue and makes a hue similar to the first hue then it is analogous like in this painting the hues in this painting are in harmony because they are from the same color made into a new type of color that is similar, the red is in harmony with the pink and the orange or peach.
Complementary colors are colors that are opposite like blue and orange; purple and yellow; red and green as used in the painting the painting contains those complementary colors.
Split-complementary colors have give variety to complementary colors it involve a primary or secondary color, a complementary and a tetradic color, at times. They are put together like in the painting the house's roof is red, a primary color, the tree's leaves are yellow-green, a complementary color, and the sky is blue-green, a complementary color as well.
Warm colors are said to be visually and emotionally exciting. Warm colors are more like fire and it involves red, yellow, orange. Just like in the painting the color changes to another warm color after the other.
This painting has a calming effect not much excitement these are called cool colors they are also similar to the colors of ice. In this painting there is blue and white but the colors recede and fade into the distance, there isn't much going on s, therefore this a cool color painting.
In this picture it has different types of hues, shades, tints, and tones out of one color. This painting is identified as monochromatic because the flowers are black the the stems are tinted into gray or white and also the stems have a couple of shade in them like the sky.
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