The Many Shades of Blue

This gallery showcases the different emotions that can be displayed though the use of the color blue in artwork.

I chose this piece for its darker shades of blue and the feeling in sets for the piece.
The artist used blue to effectible show the reflection of the landscape as well as the making the water look realistic.
This piece only used blue and white to showcase the abstractness of the painting.
I wanted to show this piece for its use of blue to contrast and its use of blue to set the gloominess of the mood.
This painting uses different shade of blue to create wholeness in an abstract painting.
The artist used blue very well in this piece. He used it in the landscape which mad sit easy to add reflections from the water.
I like how the use of blue sets the dark feeling of the painting.
The use of the color blue brings all of the lee,nets of this painting together. There is a lot of thing happening here and the us elf color brings them all together.
With sand being white and hard to see through, the artist used the color blue to show the tim elf day and visibility of the scene.
The artist use the element of color, with and emphasis on blue, to show the peaceful nature of this painting.
Using blue, the artist showcase the contrasting nature of the land and the ocean. The land is peaceful and still, where as the ocean is always moving.
The eeriness and mystery of this painting is highlighted with the element of color. Using blue the artist is able to create the feeling in this painting.
Simplicity is often used incorrectly, but using very similar shades of blue, the artist was able to pull of the sereneness of the scene.
I love the variations of blue used to create the ocean and sky in this painting.
The early morning is represented here with the use of dark blues and the rising sun. The Use of the element of color creates a since of time and emotion.
Credits: All media
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