The Twisted Reality of Human Nature

The truth about human nature is that even though we grow and we learn from our mistakes, we are inevitably inclined to sin again and again. There is so much good in humans, but the darkness within us overshadows that. 

Humans can grow and learn, but sin will always creep its way in. This image shows the growth of humans, but the background is mostly dark, proving that in every human, there is sin.
People may believe they "know" who they are, but they really don't know. Behind every person, there is caring side, but as you can see by the image, it's only a small portion compared to the darkness.
In this picture the woman is holding up another person, supporting them. On the other hand, the woman is pushing down others. In good, there is even more bad.
Christ had come down to Earth to save us from our sins, but as human beings, jealousy overcomes us and we do irrational things. Violence always seems to be the answer, not peace.
The image clearly depicts human nature and how we tend to fail to admit where we go wrong. This blatant ignorance is what makes humans selfish and arrogant, showing that humans are morally wrong.
Some people are in the box, while others seem like they've been pushed off. This shows that humans tend to put their own lives first, proving that humans are naturally selfish and and uncaring.
Slave markets showed that people were egocentric. People don't care what happens to other people as long as they're fine. This shows that human nature tends to be cruel and inevitably evil.
The dog in this image seems to be suffering and the people around him don't seem to care. Helping others out is "inconvenient" to some people, which proves how cruel humans tend to be.
In order to get what we want, humans result to violence. Instead of creating peaceful terms, people take things by force. Humans are plagued by greed, which darkens our souls.
The man in blue is forcing the line of people to give up their riches, proving that humans are ruthless when it comes to what they want. Human nature is full of greed and there is no room for love.
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