Elements of art and design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.      - Chase Wiriden

This would be an example of lines because this picture is full of lines and it forms together to make a picture. Combining lines help to form certain objects and pictures, that is what artist do best
In this picture it shows an image of a monkey. Behind the monkey is nothing but white. This would be a good example of space because there is no background. Just white space.
This picture contains a lot of different shapes. These shapes form together to create an overall image.
this picture would be a good example of color. There are a lot of different colors in this picture and they all work together nicely.
This picture has to do with texture. A different texture not only makes the picture look unclear but it still makes you see what the overall image is trying to portray to the viewer.
This picture contains form because there are 3 dimensional object in this artwork. Form has to do with a piece of artwork that sticks out at you.
This is an example of value because the colors change from light to dark. The colors change is a certain manner than helps the picture flow. It gives the picture a better dimension.
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