Aidan cook's awesome ancient egypt museum

some ancient Egypt artifacts,

This ointment spoon was used to give medicine to people.It was probibly used for people in higher classes because its pretty fancy
This spoon was maybe used by the scribes.It has a jackal as a handle.It was made by a craft men.
This ring was maybe worn by a priest or a pharaoh.The ring has some hieroglyphics on it that might stand for something
This statue of a family was carved by a craft person.It might of been a decoration in someone in a higher classes house.
This mirror is fancy.It has a body as a handle.This mirror might or been used by someone in a higher class because a farmer or a slave probibly would not have it
This amulet represents two fingers.The two fingers might of represents peace.A priests would have this.
This cup looks like its made out of lapis lazuli.It has some hieroglyphics that might of spelled something.It looks like it was used by the priests.
This fish might of represented what they caught to eat. This fish was probibly made by a craft person. It was a decoration in someones house.
This necklace is made out of glass beads and maybe rocks. They put the necklace together using metal.This necklace is nice and was probibly worn by the pharaoh or priests
This letter was written by scribes.It was writer in hieroglyphics.It could of been a speech going to someone.
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