Texture of ink brush and xuan paper

Most traditional Chinese art are using ink brush and xuan paper. The drawing has a water ink style that makes drawing partly hidden and partly visible

This chrysanthemum is impressive,the authors used a realistic approach, but the overall look of quality. Clear color, let my eyes shine at the moment.
I like this style of painting, a very with feeling, but the overall shape is very chic, partly hidden and partly visible sensation. Very classic.
This painting is a feeling, but the overall looks very comfortable. An exaggeration but realistic style
These six pictures of every one I feel very artistic conception, feeling looking at the picture I will stay in the landscape forget who I am.
See the author took a long time to decorate the whole scene, the whole style let oneself in the environment, the true mingled with the false, let people searching in the fog.
The portrait is connected to the feeling, but every scene is unique. The overall look very harmonious but local details are perfect.
This image of Bodhisattva portraits details very well, color use is also very unique, I like painting the nostalgic feeling.
Good landscape drawing, the whole scene hierarchy is very good, I enjoy the paintings give me that feeling.
I'm not sure this Is it right? China painting, but the painting details very well, color, let a person shine at the moment, Bodhisattva is alive in general.
This painting is kind of old feeling, although what is not clear look at the painting, but I still love.
If the painting can be made into a fan, the whole scene is like the real thing, I enjoy the flavor of the painting.
A painting with flavor, very exquisite and beautiful nature and painter.
I personally like a flower painting, detail processing is very good, the flower like really rise and dance in a happy mood.
Background color, let a person look at a trance like feel, but careful appreciation will be integrated into one, is felt to be personally on the scene.
I'm impressed works, although the overall looks hazy, but have a flavor, the best way is to brew a pot of tea and enjoy this drawing.
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