Patricia Gould, SBU Clare Sum 2 Statues

An Assortment of Statues and my personal take on each piece.

What I love most about this statue is that it is a modern piece. I feel as if it is a rare occurrence to find statues that were made within the past half century. The statue is witty and fun. It reminds me of an adult birthday party where they are all playing games, including hide-and-go-seek! The artist used vertical lines and shading by what seems to be paint in order to make the appearance of a piece of cloth that was used to cover the feet. There are even indentations that suggest where the heads would be under the cloth! The feet are clearly the focal point of the piece because they indicate that the people covering up are adults due to their shoes--giving the statue a bit of humor!
This piece is very pleasing to the eye with there girl's slender figure and sloped back and arms. What I love most about it is that the statue contains real fabric that has aged over time to indicate the period of the piece. Her outfit represents traditional ballerina outfits of the time. I recognized the statue from a movie that I used to watch when I was younger, so not only did the beauty of the statue catch my eye, but the familiarity of it did as well.  
This statue is very captivating because it was made to represent a skeleton. It actually took me awhile to figure out if it was a real skeleton or not (I decided it wasn't). Even without flesh, the sculptor was still able to express such agony in the face of the skeleton due to his gaping mouth and the help of his hand gestures. de Ronza truly captures the idea of how one would react when they are finally going to die.
 I have never seen a statue that is of a black man or woman, thus this piece really caught my attention, and I have a huge respect for the sculptor who did the piece because I feel as if no sculptures are African American! Through sculpting the statue in a certain way, Ward was able to have the man depicted in the piece to appear gratified and righteous, while suggesting a very smart man as well which I appreciate because during the period in which this piece was made, white people believed black people were inferior to them. Adams sculpted the man to be very toned and muscular, indicating the hard work the man had put in during his years of slavery. He still has shackles on, but even so, his expression and body language of self assurance give the man the title of a freed man.    
 I liked this piece because it portrayed the woman as soft and innocent. Very rarely sculpture that is either from the Greek age or indicating a time from the Greek age has clothed men and women. I like how the cloth on her is draped over her entire body, leaving the softness of her body to be left hidden from the public. The draping of the sculpted cloth is so realistic due to the vertical and horizontal wrinkles and gathering of the stone. It's a very beautiful piece!
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