Degas to Degas

I am contrasting Degas's works to each other. In this art you can see that this scene portrays a hard working woman laboring over ironing clothing. The color scheme is mostly all reds.
In this painting it shows a woman looking at her reflection in the mirror. The colors suggest she might be slightly upset about something. It is mostly browns and blues along with black.
This painting shows a group of dancers working together to possibly perfect a dance. The colors are mainly green, and red but the ballerinas are white with brown hair. This is different from the other two paintings because it is multiple people together instead of a single person.
This shows much detail of Vincent Van Gogh. You can clearly see most of the things in the painting such as Van Gogh's facial features.
In another one of Van Gogh's portraits you see he made a portrait that was less defined and used less details which can also make the painting seem less inviting and more depressing.
Credits: All media
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