Oh Joy

Have you ever looked at a painting, or a statue, or any other work of art, and it gave you a sense of joy and excitement? I've created this gallery to explore Joy and to see how this concept is depicted in art. I will do this by showing different pieces who's underlying meaning is happiness, or even just pieces that give a "sense" of a joy to the viewer. I will also be showing how in different pieces of art, joy can be depicted differently. 

This statue immediately makes me think of joy.Even if the name was not "The Joy of the Waters", you can tell it is meant to convey the idea of happiness. The Joy of the Waters is a statue of a girl who is dancing. Her arms are up in the air and she has a wide joyful smile on her face. It looks as if the artist was able to capture a moment of a free, care-fee young girl who is experiencing a moment of pure bliss.
I added this piece to the collection because I think, like The Joy of the Waters, it conveys a sense of joy. However, it is much more subtle. In The Joy of the Waters, the girl's arms are up, and she is clearly having a good time. In this sculpture, rather than a clear message of happiness, there is a hint at it. Most of her torso is missing, but from what you can see, it is clear she would have a relaxed pose. Really the only sign of joy is the smile on her face, but surprisingly that's enough
I think everyone has that friend who they can tell everything to, and do anything with. Friends who bring joy to your life and are there for you no matter what. I think that this photographer was able to capture a joyful moment between two such friends. The Pastoral is a picture of two young girl walking through the woods, and the picture was taken while both of them are laughing together. For me this picture brings to mind so many fun and happy memories that I made with my best friends growing up, and I think it most likely does the same for the majority of the people who see it.
I added this piece to the collection because unlike the previous picture, A Pastoral, this piece seems to speak of joy in a past tense. A Pastoral captures a moment: two friends filled with joy and laughter. No Swimming is post joy. Three boys WERE swimming and having a great time, until they were chased away and forced to leave their fun.
Although I feel that this painting also has an underlying message of joy, it differs from A Pastoral and No Swimming in the sense that it alludes to future joy rather than past and present. In this painting a pregnant woman stands on her porch. Her stance is relaxed, as she leans against a pillar, and her look is content but also apprehensive, as if she is waiting for something. What stood out to me most in this piece is how her hand is resting slightly on her stomach, as if she can't wait to hold her soon to be new baby in her arms.
Pure bliss is what I think of when I see the face of this mother or grandmother. She just looks so happy. So incredibly happy.
I added this piece to my collection because so far most of my pieces have focused on a persons physical appearance (their smile, the way they are standing, etc.) and I wanted to show how joy in art can be conveyed through other things as well. For instance in this piece, Flower, the color and style is what makes me think of joy. It is a very bright colorful painting of flowers, but it is a little abstract which gives it a fun happy vibe.
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