The King - jarred stewart

With his story and his work on earth, he has change so many lives for the better. This gallery is inspired by Jesus Christ.

This painting shows Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross. The artist paints a drake blushes and gray like ski to give the painting a darker look. As most know dark colors can indicate death. With his head being tilted to the side one can see he’s in pain. Also, with each woman’s facial expression, we can see hurt in this painting. The artist used depth and shadows to make his painting come to life.
This beautiful piece of art is believed to be created for the use of communion. The unique white branches, with bright green leaves and sunshine yellow grapes, seem to start at the head of Jesus and curve over Mary. This pot is an indication of Isaiah 11:1-5, the tree of Jesse, or even Jesus' Christ family tree. However, we can see this pot has a lot of textures, colors, and balance. If we were able to touch, it might be smooth as butter.
This piece of art was inspired by a great chapter in the Bible, Matthew 4:1-11. In Matthew, Jesus prepared to be tested by the devil by fasting forty days and forty nights. This left him at a place of weakness and hunger. As we can see in the painting, the Spirt took Jesus to the wild where the Devil, on the right, told Jesus to take this rock, speak to it and turn it into bread. The devil was provoking Jesus since they called Him the Son of God. ­ The devil tried to test Jesus 3 times by trying to get him to fall short, but Jesus stood his ground and the Devil fled. This painting depicts the verse very well. We can see Jesus' hand up refusing the first temptation from the devil. Some may ask how do you know he’s the devil? If you take a look at his feet, you can see it is not human. This gave the indication that it is something demonic and not of this world.
This piece of art is a painting of Jesus Christ, as a child, and both He and Mary resting their hands on the Lamb of God, as John the Baptist admires baby Jesus.The artist plays with shadows and colors making the focus point Jesus and Mary. He makes them stand out by giving them a brighter color tone.
This piece of art is inspired by Matthew 21:12 in the Bible. You can see Christ in the center with his fist raised, giving the indication that He is angry. As we know from book of Matthew, he was in fact angry. The painting shows him fighting people out of the House of worship because their hunger for money had turned the house of worship into a place of commerce; and Christ did not like that. The artist's details with shadows, colors, and textures make this painting amazing. The way the picture is brighter on the left side than the right tells us that the sun is sitting on the left. Also, it appears that every face expression has a dark cream reddish appearance; however, Jesus has a light beige appearance, making your eye draw to him.
This piece of art is showing Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey as people are cheering for him. This piece of art is a fun panting with a lot of movement. The bright colors, with so many facial expression, the man in the tree, and also the man on the ground laying down a red sheet so that Jesus can walk on; gives the indication the the town is excited.
. This piece is based on Luke 24:30-31 where Jesus has risen and two of His disciples did not believe he was alive. However, he appears at dinner and breaks bread with them. At that moment, their eyes were open to see the truth. The truth was that He was alive.In this painting the artist used lines and textures to make his point. He was able to create many wavy lines in each individual clothing to give a sense of movement. Also, with how the blending of color appears, it seems to be a tough texture.
This piece of art focuses on Jesus as an infant enjoying life as his mother Mary swings a veil for him to grab. In the shadow, Joseph watches the happy moment between Jesus and Virgin Mary. The artist was able to capture a since of unity within the family.
This painting is inspired by Matthew 2:1 where 3 kings wanted to pay homage to Jesus Christ, the new born king of the Jews. This beautiful image of respect shows the three kings on the right. The artist was able to grace the viewers with knowledge by the patterns and the colors he has chosen. As we can see, the kings are wearing coats and hats of animal prints; this gives the thought of wealth.
This piece of art is of Christ being led from Herod to Pilate. As we can see, the crowd is enjoying tormenting Jesus. One guy on the left is sticking his tongue out at Jesus, as the other guy disrespectfully grabs him by the chin. The artist used many different textures and patterns to get his point across.
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