loss of innocence over time

This gallery shows innocence as a kid and how people lose it as they age.

I believe that innocence is having fun and not worrying. This art shows this by two people holding hands walking, having fun.
I think that this family portrait has a point in innocence because over time innocence is lost with your family.
Innocence is happy.
Innocence is being happy about little things. Older people that have lost their innocence do not get excited about the little things.
This picture of the world helps in explaining innocence because when someone is innocent they do not truly understand the world and what goes on in it or how everything is related.
I believe that the loss of innocence comes with stress. The more innocence someone loses the more stressed out they become.
When someone is innocent they are not wise. A person gets more wise as they lose their innocence.
This picture illustrates the lose of innocence through age. This women has long hair which shows her age and with age comes the truth which contributes to the lose of innocence.
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