Whispers In The Waves

This gallery focuses on the natural beauty of the oceans; the differing colors, similar patterns, and peaceful or intense rhythms.  The main focuses are the color and patterns formed by the waves, but is translated in photographs, paintings, etc.  I have always been fascinated with how versatile waves are; they can be calm and inviting or aggressive and menacing.  Mother Nature is truly a goddess.    --Callie Aldrich

This photograph shows an up close view of the ocean. The values captured in this photograph are varied, but do not necessarily make for an interesting piece. What really stands out to me is the pattern of the waves that pull the viewer in from the bottom left-hand corner.
This image shows an iceberg surrounded by the vast ocean. It is serene, yet eerie, which shows how mysterious the ocean really is. The composition is quite simple, but the patterns shown in the waves and clouds show a subtle intricacy that can be admired.
This piece shows two empty chairs in front of a vast seascape. The title of this work really forces the viewer to contemplate what was happening in this scene. The rigid lines of the chairs juxtaposed by the erratic sand and waves creates interest in an otherwise narrow color scheme. Creating a diagonal line in the sand carries the eyes of the viewer to the chairs, posing questions as to why they are there and empty.
This painting shows a rather violent wave crashing into itself. I like how this emulates how unpredictable Mother Nature can be and portrays that she is not a force to be reckoned with. The artist demonstrates the use of texture within the waves and an almost monochromatic color scheme of greens and blues.
A floating woman who seems to be distraught is the main focal point in this artwork. The title sounds very forlorn and sad, indicating that this piece might be somewhat of a self portrait. The colors used are not all very saturated, but they work together nicely. These waves almost seem to be comforting the boat passenger as she is sulking.
This piece showcases carefree beach-goers enjoying the ocean. I love how the cool colors accurately represent the ocean and add to the peacefulness of this photograph. The positioning of the beach-goers shows unity and a nice rhythm for the viewer. Overall, the composition seems a little messy to me, but the essence of waves is captured nicely throughout.
This painting is of the harmony between the ocean and rigid rocks. The textures in this painting are what drew me to it, as well as the use of an almost zigzag pattern in the rocks. The cool tones of the waves are a nice contrast to the warm tones used to create the rocks.
Mid Ocean is a painting of turbulent waves. The movement of the waves shows an almost angry sea, despite the cool tones used to create waves. The clouds above also contribute to a darker, more bleak emotion. The variety in tones and lines leading outward suggest that the viewer is stuck in the middle of the ocean, leading to the title of the piece.
Picnic on the Ocean is a playful piece, showing a floating hourglass shape full of flowers. I like the gradient of the ocean leading into the horizon and the angle of the floating "picnic." The artist gave a nice, rippling texture to the water in the foreground which makes me feel peaceful. The bright colors of the flowers also add to the serenity.
Koh created a sculpture named "Water-1" using photographs. The depth that this transparent box in almost non-identifiable. It shows how vast and seemingly endless the ocean is, but also illustrates the tranquility of it. The steps invite the viewer in (quite literally.) The straight lines in the construction of this piece almost make it seem like it was cut out, much like a piece of birthday cake; accessible and intriguing.
Credits: All media
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