Tradition of Textures

By: Christian McBride

This wireframe sculpture uses an intricate design to give this piece detailed texture. It is great for showing sculptural sophistication.
In this piece, the artist uses the canvas (wood) as a contributing texture to the piece. This is a great way of adding additional detail that would be hard to replicate.
The use of simple big strokes gives this piece a perceived texture. The absence of detail leaves the viewer to create the textures within.
A visible change in texture gives this piece many offsets for the viewer to study. I like the use of dots that fill the open area.
The thick coating of paint that the artist left in the painting gives it a popping feel. This coating leaves dynamic ranges in texture that protrudes off of the canvas.
The wonderful simplicity between light and dark makes this piece catch your attention. It is the texture between these two mediums that really livens the painting.
Even though Rembrandt sticks to one particular color, the shades and implied textures in this piece make it feel somehow complete.
The pattern-like texture that the images conveys gives it perspective between foreground and background. It may even give the viewer a sense of vertigo.
Another artistic piece make of dotted strokes. The values between light and dark are accompanied by the detailed texture to give the audience a more sophisticated piece.
Changes in linear texture really divides the piece into different emotions of the same hue. I also like this piece for it's symmetrical influences.
Similar textures within this work of art creates a visual minimalism, while keeping a certain amount of perspective.
Strokes of a soft tone, such as these make me feel like this piece is slowly merging objects within the painting. I love the quick and fluid textural style applied to this work of art.
This lightly layered artistic style displays a calmer sense of texture and mood.
With slight changes in stroke, the artist warps the direction of the line so that the viewer sees different textures within this image.
Another piece that uses minimal detail, but leaves so much implied space within the picture. this texture keeps the viewer engaged in the process of deduction.
Credits: All media
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