Gabriel Velasco Value Art Gallery

This Art piece is a great example of low contrast . It seems almost fuzzy , and the color values aren't really bold, you will have to squint to see it .
This is a ideal example of a high contrast piece. It uses bold color values that give it a very strong image, and gives it a very tough look to it.
This is a awesome example of value distribution balance. The rooster has a even value given all over its body, giving it that three dimensional feel to it.
This an example of value distribution being unbalanced. The value aren't the same , making the image look out of place with each other .
This shows attached shadows. The shadows are created by the figures arms, giving the thing a more hollow frame to it, almost only bones.
This is volumetric value. By adding a lighter shadow, shade to the shapes in this art piece, it makes these two dimensional shapes leap into the third dimension .
This is an example of Cast Shadow. BY adding a darker shade of gray by the legs of the men , it makes it look like the legs are giving off a shadow .
This is a awesome example of value scale . It shows how the white changes into a black ,and by adding a splash of color, it doesn't make the image feel dead .
This is Atmospheric Perspective . It makes the background look farther in, making it three D . By giving the mountain range a lighter shade , a more faded color , it appears to be way in the distance.
This is Chiaroscuro .By combining light and dark colors, it gives the background a dark feel to it, and makes the woman the main focus of this image, by painting her red.
Credits: All media
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