Shiny and glass (Danae)

This gallerie has lots of glass and diamond stuff. Everytjhing is quite pretty and valuable. Hope you like it. LOL ;)

I like shiny and fancy artwork so this artwork is perferct for my gallery!
This looks very shiny and expensive so I think it great for my gallery!
Precious fancy and diamonds. I love green so it is a dream come true.
Looks like a red and shiny peackok tail.
It is shiny and looks like long dress. I betcha you cant think of an artwork that is more shinyer and much more expensive.
Peackok with its tail closed. Quite nice to observe
Bluish diamonds and blue jewels. It is a snowflake in adifferent shape. Love like always.
Shiny, precious and amazing. Golden spider are IN
Animals made of diamonds. Rear but beautiful
It is a nice goblet white and transparent. I like it .
This boat shaped glass bowl looks amzing. I like its colour and the shape.
Tghese three tired cups are loveley . I love the ptern on them.
Purple, flowers and glass, a perfect combination that everyone enjoys looking at
This looks precious and maybe little intese, I love It!
Blue and gold and glas combined together and put into the jug makes and amzing sight.
Flowers,glass and shiny, perfect for everyone! ;)
Credits: All media
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