E Phillips Fox 1900 Harvesting
Charles Conder 1888 Going Home
Charles Conder 1890 The Yarra, Heidelberg
E Phillips Fox 1900 Harvest
Rupert Bunny 1908 Who Comes?
Tom Roberts 1887 Boat On Beach, Queenscliff
Charles Conder 1889 Hot Wind
Arthur Streeton 1889 Golden Summer, Eaglemont
Hugh Ramsay 1901 A mountain Shepherd (an Italian Dwarf)
Arthur Streeton 1889 Pastoral in Yellow and Grey
Eugene Von Guerard 1863 NE View Mt Kosciusko
Tom Roberts 1885 A Quiet Day on Darebin Creek
Frederick McCubbin 1886 Girl with Bird at the King Street Bakery
Tom Roberts 1893-4 Shearing Shed, Newstead
Arthur Streeton 1895 Sirius Cove
Arthur Streeton 1895 Sunlight (Cutting on a Hot Road)
Ambrose Patterson 1902 Self-Portrait
Frederick McCubbin 1911 Violet and Gold
Tom Roberts 1889 Going Home
Frederick McCubbin 1886 At The Falling of the Year
Arthur Streeton 1893 The Three Liners, Circular Quay
Tom Roberts 1895 In a Corner on the Macintyre
David Davies 1894 Moonrise, Templestowe
Arthur Streeton 1897 House Builders, Cairo
Tudor StGeorge Tucker 1903 Nasturtiums
Frederick McCubbin 1912 Afterglow, Summer Evening
John Russell 1890-1 In The Morning, Alpes Maritimes from Antibes
David Davies 1893 Templestowe
Charles Conder 1889 Riddell's Creek
Arthur Streeton 1890 McMahon's Point - Fare One Penny
Arthur Streeton 1890 The Selector's Hut
Arthur Streeton 1893 The Point, Sunset
Arthur Streeton 1895 The Spirit of the Drought
Charles Conder 1890 Ricketts Point, Beaumaris
Charles Conder 1888 Bronte Beach
Arthur Streeton 1892 Circular Quay
Arthur Streeton 1893 Rain Over Sydney Harbour
Tom Roberts 1890's Harbourscape
Rick Maynard 2007 Cape Portland People
Judy Watson 1991 Heartland
Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri 1977 Sunrise Chasing Away The Night
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