Inside-out's goal is to take what most people would normally only glance over and turn it inside out so readers get a chance to view ideas from different perspectives that might be foreign and even draw the reader out of their comfort zone.

The Epic of Gilgamesh "For his friend Endiku Gilgamesh did bitterly weep as he wandered the wild: 'I shall die, and shall I not then be as Endiku? Sorrow has entered my heart!'" Just as the Empire of Rome was once the most massive power of its' time, we, as individuals also have moments of paramount triumph. This, "The Epic of Gilgamesh", is one of the oldest stories known to mankind, but still contains themes and ideas that can help us understand important values in our lives today. As we all know, Rome's empire collapsed in on itself, again just as individuals do. Here, we follow Gilgamesh, a fierce and powerful warrior that rules over the city of Uruk at his own expense. Some view his reigns over his people as a torment, while it could also be for the betterment of the city. Eventually, a friendship is made between Gilgamesh and Endiku, at first his rival and as equally powerful as he, and that friendship becomes a remarkably strong bond. Witness Gilgamesh embark on a journey with his other half and find out what it really means to be human in this journey of woes, triumphs, and self realization. It might teach one more about themselves than they come to realize. "For a story with no known author, this perspective changing tale is attractive to both the heart and the mind and should be told as a bedtime story to all children everywhere!" - The Feedback Crew "As one who has also suffered loss at the hands of something beyond my control, my sympathy goes out to Gilgamesh. The pain he feels is very real and not at all easy to bear, but he eventually triumphs, oh how I wish I knew this story as a child; it may have made my pain more manageable." - Marjane Satrapi
The Book of Genesis A classic piece hailed by millions and known by billions, the Book of Genesis is the Bible's first book that showcases the power of the Christian deity, God, in this stunning tale of the creation of the Earth. We may have all heard of its' existence at some point, and some may even know how it goes. But an in depth reading may provide a reader with more than just clarifications on the beginnings of our world. You are invited to deplore the morals of man and get a peek at a perspective that could change how you view the everyday goings of your life! "Opinions aside, the ideas that someone can take away from this could be so valuable in achieving a better future that it would be a loss not to have experienced "The Book of Genesis". - Sigmund Freud "An obvious winner, this story is awe inspiring and almost overwhelming to read. So easy to get caught up in it and lose sense of all the unimportant things in your life." - BRAINTEASER
Civilization and its Discontents Hailed by some and known but disliked by so many, Sigmund Freud was probably one of the greatest thinkers of our modern time. In his work of brain altering poetry, "Civilization and its Discontents" will keep you pondering throughout the entire book. Short in length but massive in ideology, this text can have a huge impact on the reader and anyone the reader decides to share the text's information with. Not only will it challenge your mind to think about society, but it will come full circle and make you re-evaluate how you see yourself. "This work of wonder is a true enigma, that when cracked, will broaden your perspective on how you live your daily life. Nowhere else could you find so many different topics that weave together to make a perfectly ponderous basket of thought for the readers."- The Daily Gazer "Sometimes it is difficult to look in the mirror and see what others see, for you can only see the world through the eyes you were given. If there was ever a chance to see in to that mirror with a different set of eyes, reading this text would probably be the closest thing to it." - Infinity News
Fifteen Million Merits "And anyone who knows what love is, will understand." -Bingham Manson Vague as this wonderful work of fiction might be for the reader to interpret, "Fifteen Million Merits" is a tale of a man who is trapped in a fake world attempting to discover something real. Try as he may to climb this mountain of lies and "confetti", it is a struggle that most of his peers do not consider worth it. As we follow Bing, it appears as though he may reach the top of that mountain, however what he finds might not be what he seeks. "Could this really be how our society functions in the future? The implications of this story are astounding, while also extremely entertaining." - Sean O'Toole, author of "Hard to See" "This tale is not to be taken lightly. One should not simply acknowledge the information here, but take it as a cautionary note to not lose sight of what really matters in your life as so many people often do." - Ursula K. Le Guin
The Complete Persepolis It can be tough carrying a chip on your shoulder. Especially from a young age like Marjane Satrapi had. In her simple yet breathtaking graphic novel "The Complete Persepolis", Satrapi depicts her life with a terrific coming of age story. As a little girl growing up in a battle-ridden and oppressed society in Iran, we as readers probably have no clue what it felt like. However, we can all relate to her in many ways despite her upbringing; she questions her religion, her parents authority, and her society's values. It can be so easy to get lost in this story, as it is easy to read and follow with comics that Satrapi herself drew, but there is so much more than just a coming of age tale here. "This story is absolutely wonderful. It's heart breaking but also uplifting. No one should be without this book to share with their children about how to find the positives even in the worst of times." - The Brightside Saturday Paper "In this depiction of the Iranian revolution, Satrapi takes a lot of the gore out of the story while still leaving in relevant information for young adults to understand the impact on people this event had. Two big thumbs way up!" - Fight for Truth Blog Daily
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