"Every age projects its own image into its arts."                                                                                                                   The Rococo period was the end result of the Baroque and was similar to the Baroque but more over the top and intense. The Rococo period featured a more light and airy style of painting and emphasized the use of pastel colors. Rococo paintings were also extremely focused on the lives of the nobility and their activities. The Rococo artists did a great job reflecting on the events and characteristics of their time, and also did a good job creating their own style separate than that of the Baroque.                                                                                                                      The two artists featured in this gallery are Thomas Gainsborough and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.

This painting can clearly be distinguished a Rococo piece due to the very light and airy nature of it. A Baroque painting would have been much darker. This painting also used many pastel colors. This painting is also very ornate, which was common of Rococo works. The subject is clearly someone with wealth and that helps to identify the painting as Rococo because during this time there was a focus on the aristocracy.
This piece is without a doubt a Rococo painting. It is evident due to the very airy feel of the painting. There is a very light mood. This painting also features events that would be associated with the nobles. The people in the painting and their clothes are also very ornate. There are similarities between this painting and a Baroque painting but there are many differences that indicate this is a Rococo painting.
This is a little harder to determine as Rococo and not Baroque, however this is much lighter feeling than a Baroque painting would have been. The painting is also very ornate and focused on the activities of the nobles.
Tis painting is definitely Rococo because it looks very similar to a Baroque piece, however it is much lighter and airy and is much more detailed. You can also distinguish this piece from a Baroque piece based on its focus on a theme that is not ecclesiastical at all. This painting focuses on a most likely wealthy woman and her child.
This Rococo painting by Jean Fragonard, is clearly a good example of the typical Rococo piece because it is very ornate and very light in color. There are also very many soft pastels and colors. This painting definitely features some wealthier people based on their clothing and their actions in the painting. This definitely does a good job of displaying the events of the time period.
This painting is Rococo because it Focuses on the lives of two nobles, and their secret love. This painting is very light and uses soft pastels. This painting is also very ornate and features all the main characteristics of the Rococo period.
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