Culture of China

Aaliyah Segura

I chose this picture because it shows the beautiful buildings, and the tourism in this area.
How could you talk about China and mention the Great Wall? This is a beautiful part of China, you can not only see the hard work that was put into it, but also the climate.
I chose this picture because this vase is really pretty, and it shows part of their culture, making vases that might mean something to there beliefs as well.
This vase tells a story. I chose this because it might show what their ansestors did to make a living and survive.
I chose this picture because it shows alittle bit of their culture and what they believe in. It might also show China's political power by showing a leader or someone famous as a strong power or force.
I chose this picture because it shows what women might wear as nice clothing, or what they wear everyday when it is cold.
This shows China's history and i think it is a good picture going to battle, or leaving from battle. It might also show unity within the country as a whole.
I chose the Temple of Confucius because it shows how people lived, and worshiped their gods, or leaders.
I chose this picture because its a beautiful statue of a horse, but it also has a meaning for China.
This picture amazes me, you might see a lot of nice, beautiful buildings, but they do have a side that isn't the nicest living spaces.
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