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Hello my name is Daniel Swartout. These are my top ten favorite artworks that I have chosen to present and talk about. I didn't want to choose just any particular theme because I enjoy all of the art. However I suppose you can say my theme is the appreciation of all art.

I chose this piece because I enjoy the color scheme. I feel that artwork like this in big cities help make the city look better and brighter. Crew 66 out of New York spray painted this in March of 2013.
The Fall of the Rebel Angels is probably one of my favorite that I have found on this site. This is a visual representation of the angels being cast out of heaven due to the fact that they turned against God.
The Birth of Venus is a beautiful piece of the birth of a goddess. In those times it is clear to see how the human standard has changed. The sea shell representing new age or birth is carrying her to shore.
This is a very cool painting of the Earth and all of the countries. I enjoy how Mappa shows all of the flags for the borders of the countries. There are so many different flags but there are a lot of the same color schemes.
We are all familiar with The Starry Night. This piece done by van Gogh in 1889 is known through out the entire world. The brush stroke and technique is truly original still to this day.
The Scream is also another wildly known piece of artwork. Done by Edvard Munch in 1910 this painting has been used in many movies and parodies all over the world. I like to think that this painting shows the battle of the insane in our minds.
Lamentation is a gory painting of a horrible car crash. It appears that the victim is the lady centered in the painting. To me this is is surreal and shows human nature during a traumatic event.
This painting show Mary Magdalene as Christ bears the cross. The relationship between Christ and Mary may never be fully described in the Bible but one thing is for sure and that is she loved him very much and that Christ saved her from being stoned to death.
Laocoon is a very interesting painting. Done by El Grecco in 1610. I feel that this describes the disconnection of society and how we can become like animals if left with not contact.
The 13th Floor of Elevators to me is full of Masonic symbolism and occult ties. Rumors say that there are only 13 people who run and facilitate all major countries and banks. I love the color scheme and it is a bit scary at the same time.
Credits: All media
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