Exceptional Realism

A collection of works that I found awe-striking in their extremely lifelike, almost photographic quality.

This painting drew my attention because there seems to be a great deal of commotion going on in the image, but it is still visually unified and pleasing to the eye. An example of fine art.
In keeping with the theme, I selected this painting because of its realistic quality, but also because of the curios gaze of the subject. He seems caught somewhere between confusion and awe. Fine art.
So much to see here. All the detail and all the different textures make this truly a feast for the eyes. An example of fine art.
Another example of breathtaking realism. Every detail of this painting, from his facial expressions, to the writing on his note, is displayed in a pristine crispness. Fine art.
Photographically realistic and beautiful, especially in the depiction of the sky. Fun details, unlocked only through the zoom function make this an especially fun painting. Fine art.
Few words seem necessary here. I would say this is actually more pleasing than a picture of the grand canyon. Such pure, natural beauty captured here. Fine art.
This truly could pass for a photograph, I think this shows exceptional talent. I also love the stern look of the subject. I feel I need to correct my posture just looking at it. Fine art.
Again, this is just exceptional skill showcased in this painting. I had to zoom in several times to ensure it was indeed a painting. Fine art.
Credits: All media
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