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By: Domenica Bevacqua

Title:Block Statue of Senwosret-senebefny Medium:Rock/Quartzite Description:This is a block statue and most block statues portray a male figure. He is kneeling on the ground and his knees are to his chest. This surface provided much space for inscriptions. The woman is probably his wife. Features of the kings are reflected in the face of their subject.
Title:Head of a Man Medium:Limestone Description:The piece was created in the time period of (c. 1353-1333 BC). This statue shows both traditional and Amarna art. The naturalistic rendering of the eyes and lips, as well as the form of the pierced earlobes, shows the Amarna art style. The carved head may show that this is a man of power.
Title: Artist’s Trial Piece Medium:Limestone Description: This piece was created in Egypt. It was in the 26th Dynasty under the reign of Amasis.
Title: Kneeling Statue of Senenmut Medium: Granite Description:He wears a wide striated wig covering his shoulders, as a short beard, and a kilt from the waist just above his ankles. One pillar makes the back of his head and the other one creates his arm. There is damage in several places and the base is chipped.
Title: Votive Plaque of King Tanyidamani Medium:Dark red siltstone Description:One side shows the ruler in royal costume. He is wearing ram's-head earrings, and a Egyptian crown. In his hand he has a scepter. On the other side there is a picture of lion-headed war. The writing is in Meroitic script.
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