To be Floral or not to be

 This is an exhibition based on artworks that have images of flora or fauna. Many of these artworks come from all over the worlds with artworks dating from 1783 – 2010. These pieces all show flora and fauna in different styles and interpretations from the different views of many artists.     

This painting shows the view of a courtyard it is comprised of many cool colours like green and blue, and has a light tone. The lines are thick which gives the paintings an organic look. The painting has a rough texture due to the dapping technique used to by the artist to create the painting.
This decorated bowl was created to appeal to the high class women of 19th Century Asia due to the highly detailed flowers and intricate designs adorned allover the bowl.
In this portrait of Marie Antoinette it depicts the queen holding a rose. The rose could be a symbol of femininity and that her holding the rose shows that she was as feminie and beautiful as the rose.
This artwork is very different from the rest of the artworks since it does not depict a real thing but instead it has an outline filled in with prints and photos of objects not related to the artwork subject. It also does not use many colours like many traditional artworks only just 3 different colours: Blue, black and white.
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