Colors of the Mind

I chose pictures that I believed demonstrate very good use of color, whether the colors are showing self expression,or to just tell a story.

I chose this picture because I love all of the different colors and how the zig zags make you dart from one end of the composition to the end
I chose this piece simply because I love all of the colors. It is a very simple piece but the colors are so intense that it caught my eye away from other pictures
This picture interested me because I like how the figure is in black and white, yet her mind is making all of these beautiful colors and all of the colors flow back to her figure.
This picture grabbed my attention because of the very intense colors and color changing.
This one shows great color and you can get many different things just from the one picture. Whether it is different figures, or different emotion, it is all about what the viewer sees and I love it.
At first glance, this picture is just a heap of different colored shapes, but then when you really look, a train emerges from the abstract shapes and all of the colors flow together
This is a perfect example of colors clashing together to make a valid picture
I like how the abstract use of the colors come together to make an interesting composition demonstrating flight.
This piece grabbed my attention with the very well done contrast of the black, red, and canvas
This piece gave a much darker feel than the other pieces but i feel it earns its place with the multitude of colors used to give it that dark, hellish tone.
This piece is far more calm and tranquil but still having those blacks and reds, there is that looming darkness.
This one caught my attention because of its contrast between the brown main figure, and the white figure behind it.
I liked this painting because using abstract colors, it could make a setting and almost tell a story of what has happened in it
I loved the colors chosen to do this piece because they compliment each other incredibly well
This piece caught my eye because of all of the different colors and the rhythm of the downward strokes
Credits: All media
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