jack jansen


This bowl shows form. The definition for form is a 3-d object. this is a wine mixing bowl used in greek and rome times the bowl is 3-d which means that it shows form.
this sculpture shows movement which mean the impression of visual motion. The horses have the hoves in that air and on the ground which gives the look of troting or galoping. also the sculpture seams to frozen in time which is another characteristic of movement.
the boomerang shows harmoney which means similarties within different elements. The boomerang has different shades of the same color also there are multipul lines that look similar to other lines.
This sculpture is a perfect example of texture which means how something looks of feels. In sculpture the quilted part looks to feal like a soft and warm quilt.
This object shows variety. Variety is the combination of different elements such as shape and color. in this object it has many shapes from lines to circles to eyes. it also has a great variety of colors from purples to reds to blues.
This hows emphasis which means something that stands out. in this sculpture the man is a different tan from the rest of the wall causing it to pop out from that rest of the sculpture.
This sculpture shows color. Color by definition is reflected light. this object shows color because the clear glass alows for thigh to get in make colors. alsothe object shows a range of colors from warm colors (red) it cool colors (blue).
This ornament shows shape. Shape by definition is a 2-d object. The object has a human painted on it which shows a 2-d freeform object also the ballons show circule which is a 2-d shape.
This sculture shows value which means lightness and darkness. The lighting around the sculpture allows for some of the sculpture to be lighter and some to be darker.The lighting helps in showing acurate body shadings.
This object shows pattern. Pattern by definition is repeated elements that form a design. This sculpture shows repeated circles that get bigger and bigger as they get stacked on one anohter so that it forms a cone shape.
This sculpture shows line.Line by definition is a path a dot takes. In the sculpture one line goes at a diagional and another line rests ontop of it and goes 90 degrees in a different dirrection.
This sculpture shows proportion. proportion is the size of one thing to another. The thinker has accurate body proportion to a adult male.
This room shows space. Space is the area around or within a object. This picture of a 3-d room shows space behind the cabnets and on the wall to the left of the cabnets also the backdrop behind the cabnets.
This sculpture shows balance. balence means Equal visual weight. The three types of ballence are radial, symetrical, or asymetrical. This sculpture shows both symetrical and asymetircal it is symetrical because the body has mostly equal parts on both sides. It is asymetrical because innthe back ground there is different people and things on each side.
This sculpture shows rhythm because rhythm means lines and patterns that draw you eyes from one side to another and give the look and fealing of action. This sculpture has intricate lines and shapes that form a wave that draws your eyes from one side to another.There for this is the perfect example of line.
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