Types Of lines

Lines are elements of art, that are found everywhere in the world.

This is a drawing of a desert landscape it includes, cross hatching and hatching. It adds depth and value.
This is a very good painting of lines with personalities. Each of the three lines has a totally different meaning behind it. these would be considered individual lines.
This is a more simplistic style of art, it is abstract but you can easily make out a cyclist.
This picture had depth and draw you in to look at it with its lines and implied lines.
This picture is a very detailed sketch, it contains cross hatching to add depth and a lot of contour lines and edges.
This is just a map but it still has detail and lots of lines in it. This map has implied lines, contour lines, outlines, and edges. This looks to be sketched based off of another map.
This is a picture of a queen on her tiger and it contains, edges, contour lines, and lines with personalities. This painting was made with oil pastels.
This picture is a sketch of a water mill, This picture includes contour lines, outlines, edges, Expressive lines, and the roof has lines with personalities.
This picture is a sketch of building in what looks to be Greece or another European place. This picture has individual lines, some expressive lines, and a few edges.
This is a bunch of contour lines in this picture, there is also implied lines around the edges of the picture.
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