The love of nature(Jose Gandara)

The following images represent the many ways Nature can be view in the world we live in. If it's by the ocean, the countryside, or forest. Nature will be shown to you by anyway you might see it.

A View of Cincinnati from Forest Hills, Kentucky shows us the beauty view of Nature. This is shows us on how anyone can create a image from nowhere. You can see clearly on how the painter shows us the Proportion on the detail of the forest & the city in the back middle view of the painting.
The View from Stalheim is an excellent example of beautiful art from the valley side from Norway. The painting shows us the beautiful mountain side with it's wonderful trees. Surrounding the mountain side is a small village which it's located in the middle of the painting.
The Morning of Life is what everyone goes to everyday. This painting shows us on how it was done back then. You can see with its mountains, big trees, animals, and people.
The Somme valley Near Corbie shows us a beautiful view of the countryside of France. The bottom half of the painting sees the numerous of trees and luxurious river. But what others don't see is the upper half of the painting. Which sees the destruction of war.
Rainy Season in the Tropics shows us on a symbolic landscape of the surrounding area. As well the fantastic crafted mountains both in and out of the painting. But what brings life to this painting is the double rainbow shinning above the mountains.
Road through an Oak Forest shows us the many colors of big trees. As well as a darker image of the dark forest in the background. This painting can be seen in many point of view. But through out it all the road would lead to the darkness of nature.
A Bit of the Roman Aqueduct shows us the beautiful side of they American wilderness. By it's two big green trees; it's mountains; and it's people. which you can see the on how the nature of american was back then.
Wooded Landscape with Horsemen and Castle demonstrates the beautiful art work of nature in it's glory. With it's big and small trees; green grass; and animals surrounding the area in every corner of the painting.
The Sea from Capri demonstrates the beauty of American landscape. It shows us a remarkable view of the atlantic ocean. As well as a it's giant mountains and rock formation that surround the town of Capri.
Pichincha shows us the beautiful view of nature. With its green landscape, it's wonderful mountains on the side, it's two beautiful palm trees, and it's shinny blue sky. But what bring this painting to life would be the shinny yellow sun resting in middle of the painting.
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