Art Elements

By: Miranda Madderom

Form: This is the element form, because the human sculputre is 3D. 3D means that it has height, width, and depth.
Line: This is the element line, because it has many different shaped lines. Some of the lines are long and thin, short and thin, or long and thick.
Texture: This is the element texture, because this picture looks like how it would feel if you touched it. This is an implied texture.
Color: This is the element color, because there are many different intensities in this artwork. The lady in the yellow shirt has a pure hue. A pure hue has high intensity.
Value: This is the element value, because it has different shades of the color blue. Some of the values are light blue, dark blue, and others are in the middle.
Shape: This is the element shape, because the octagons in the artwork, are 2D and they are a geometric shape. Geometric shapes have height and width.
Space: This is the element space, because it has negative space around the actual art. The space around the art is negative space.
Credits: All media
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