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This is all about prospective, an art technique used to determine space, width, and height of a room or any area. This of which consist of parallel lines the connects to a dot called a vanishing point. So basically this is what this gallery is all about point prospective.

I chose this peice, because it shows great prospective. If you look at the building, there are lines that keep everything in good order of prospective. Everything looks correct in a realistic matter. Thus makes it look realistic and 3 dementional.
I chose this, because of the screen shot look. That fact it looks real to the point the people may be moving. With good prospective this art piece looks like a waiting area of a retaurant. Again the illusion of 3D.
This is an old piece but prospective is an old techniquqe and it is used perfectly here. The tiles on the floor looks to be heading to the vanishing point. As well as the columns are aligned perfectly.
This is a huge piece that I liked. The prospective used in here is beautifully done. Also the massive activity that is happening fits well in the painting giving it a busy feeling. It looks like a giant cathedral, just for the look of it.
Even though this painting looks a lot flat, there is prospective in there. The reason why I dhose this was because of the building in the back. That building has some prospective, which gives it little demension.
I chose this picture, because the prospective on here is amazing. The detail that was managed to be put in makes it look a thousand times amazing. It gives a almost photo realistic look to it, that makes it look real. Also to mention the painting and texturing. 
This paintinfg may have everything look seperate, but also one need to realize no matter how far or out-of-place things are, still they follow in the prosective. Which is why I chosen this painting is, because how seperated the buildings, and monument are they still have a good alighnment.
This piece also has good prospectibes. Showing objects that are small further, and closer the larger. I chose this because it shows good prospective, and the scale of object. Like what I have said earlier in the sentence.
A beautiful early piece, and I chose this for a good reason. The people look like a rectangular formation, which looks like the use of lines to the vanishing point. Again this painting look as if they are in a three demensional space.
I chose this because rooms ues prospective and that's why it's in here. Not only that, but the action, and the different reaction of people. This creates a great scene and a flat scene. With the prospective, it gives everything a dramatic depth.
I chose this, because the use of propective means great use of lights and shade. This of which gives great depth, and liveliness to the scene and characters. I love it how the background looks gloomy. I like gloominess.
Like I said before the shading and lighting make this painting 3D, espacially with the use of prospective. That is why this picture was chosen. 
This has more of a side view prospective or one point prospective. how the trees align as well. The further the oject is it has to be small. That is why I chose this painting. Also the shadows lead to the vanishing point as well
I chose this because of the amazement of detail put into this not just prospective, but the way the objects in the scene are presented. The scene itself is a gloomy night, well not glooomy but cloudy. The clouds also point another direction so there is another point it heads to, instead of the ground.
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