The many results of Money

Money, something that is seemingly the epicenter of both Hammett and Jacob’s work, is also the key creator of results in the book. As established in class, money leads to power, corruption, inequality, greed, and much more. I wanted to look at money in a manner of driving results, and the overall negativity that comes with these results. Because money had such a crucial role in the events and actions in Jacob’s and Hammett’s work I found it crucial to look into and dissect what money was really all about. Both Hammett and Jacob’s see money as the reasoning behind everything bad that has happened in social housing and hierarchy.

This photo shows not having money can potentially rain on any dreams of the less fortunate.
No money leads to very little, virtually ending in killing off the poor. Violence is key to power in Jacobs and Hammett
“Anybody that brings any ethics to Poisonville is going to get them rusty” (Hammett, 117).
Although on the inside we are virtually all the same, both Jacobs and Hammett argue, we will never be able to change.
All thoughts and ideas revolved around money, whether is be housing, or crime.
This picture portrays the eyes of greed, and the everlasting want of money, in search of the ultimate ending, power.
After greed is passed, and fortune is visible. That seems to be all that people see.
This picture shows the idea of standing out, an upper hand that money gives the powerful individuals.
Lastly,money can be explained by a vulture. Slowly killing off and preying on those who cannot handle the power.
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