Lines Study

Lines are used in many types of art to and many types of lines toshow outlines, shapes object in other objects

There are 2 different colored lines used in this image,Blue and Black. They're being used to make a pattern of long and short diamond shapes with just lines.
The lines here are being used to make a dock and boats, similar to a sketch and might look like one too. These line are being used to make the bodies of boats, and straight lines of docks.
lines are being used to make one big object and their's the same object, but smaller and inside the bigger object.
The lines in the mountains that are being used as grooves in the mountains and outlines.
The lines being used here are being represented by tiny thin pieces of thread being held by a center pin, to make this flower.
lines are being used in this sketch to show a picture of a man. The man is covering his hand over his face, but from what?
line are used to draw two people running from one other person to show a study of death.
lines are being used as shapes to make a object of a duck, what kind of duck or bird?
Bold lines and Thin lines are show cities and animals like a zebra, and also to show that the zebra is in flowers and plants
lines here are used to show the line in these peoples capes.
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