Cassidy Cantrell 

The Hammam is a turkish steam bath. The steam bath is built with beautiful pieces of tile. The turkish were great at creating beautiful pieces of architecture. The tile is what makes the steam bath the art work it is.
This painting is a photo of Louis XIV is of him as the God Apollo in his Chariot above everyone. The painting is so realistic the message it sends out is like him being a God, The painting is done by Joseph Werrier
This form of architecture is one of the many I personally would like to go see. It is a beautiful place made of stone that are placed in a circle with stones on top of the two. These stones were not naturally placed like this.
Florence Italy, is a beautiful place that is known for all of the architecture and the detail in the buildings they create. The interior of the Florence Synagogue is mainly tile, that is what stands out the most is the beautiful tile work. Also the tall ceilings and the work on the ceilings is incredible also tile.
The Grand Canyon is a naturally built place that has many different rock bridges. The work that is in the rock that is all done naturally is beautiful. It is a clay and shale texture that the tall walls of the canyon are made out of.
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