Abstract ARt and Pattern in Graffiti by Jamian Worrell

This gallery is intended to show the viewer difference between older works of abstract art and newer works of abstract art. Now abstract art has become has become a big part of an art form we now today as graffiti.Graffiti has become a big art form in urban areas.

In this painting by Gerhard Richer you can see a good mixture of purple and pink.You can also see that he uses different shapes in the painting.You can also see the he uses breast strokes.
This work of art is By Paul Haefliger as you can see is resembles a violin.Paul uses cubism to make the violin parts. But also if you look closely you can also see that there is also a guitar.
This painting is by Grace Crowley and you see she uses cubism.You can see she uses different shapes and sizes of the squares and puts them together.She also uses different colors for the squares.
This piece of artwork is by Edgar Degas you can see that it seems fairly simple.It appears to be nothing more than a house and an arrow. But art is whatever you can interpret it to be.
This abstract art is By Adnan Coker. This artwork depicts to chairs in a dark room standing next to each other.This art work also depicts a bit of calmness to it,because if you look closely you'll see white dots that resemble stars.
This piece of graffiti art is Konstanin Zmogk as you can see he uses the side of a building as his canvas and it appears to be depicting a rose in the far off corner and many cubic styles.
This next wall is by Jeron Heeman and this one seems to be depicting a character of some sort as you can see it looks to have a hand and long fingers.He also uses a nice color palette.
This next abstract wall is by Alexey Kio. The color mixture with the different blues and whites works perfectly together. Also you can see that the different shapes she used appear to popping out of the building.
This artwork is by Anatoly Akue and it depicts a tree and some vines. Its colors works perfectly and it as a bit of a serene feel to it because in the area its in seems like a calm place.
This art work is by Llya Aesthtic and is a graffiti wall with a cubism.It appears to be depicting a person to me if you look at the picture side ways it looks like a person. With its eyes on the left of the wall.
Credits: All media
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