Oil Art: A look into A Few Stories of Jesus Christ

This Art gallery is a small story of the many stories of Jesus Christ. This particular gallery will only offer insight through oil paintings; with an emphasis on the joyful and troubled times Jesus Christ faced. 

In this picture we see the naming of Jesus Christ and the circumcision of our savior. Surrounded by him are people who rejoice and believe in God. Above him are angels celebrating the birth of God’s child. The mood of this canvas is light showcasing emotions of happiness, joy, and celebration.
This next part of Jesus's life comes from the story of Gospels in which Jesus casts out the merchants from the temple. In this painting the sun looks like It is setting into the west; Jesus is positioned just perfectly where the sun gives the illusion of a halo over Jesus’s head. Towards the back of the canvas the people are in shadows but where Jesus stands there is light.
This canvas is a bit late but has several versions, and shows a summary from the New Testament Matthew 21: 12- 13. The colors of this painting tell a story of panic and chaos. Jesus casted out all the merchants including the moneychangers that sold or bought things in the temple in Jerusalem. If you look towards the back of the painting you see the blind and lame man whom Jesus healed.
The next oil painting takes us to the incident of the 3 Gospels of the New Testament. The water looks like it is rough and heavy. Here the whole texture looks rough and the dark colors used tell the story of a storm that Is about to knock over the boat.
This painting sets the mood of vulnerability. The colors are rough but the texture looks smooth and gentle. Jesus is on his knees praying to his father and angles to guide him and give him the strength to endure what is yet to come. Behind Christ is a dark world, but in front of him is a reassuring light. This light offers him safeness and the angle represents glory. On the bottom left in the darkness you see his disciples who have fallen asleep.
Christ knew this betrayal was coming he even had a last supper to warn them and let his disciples know of the troubles that were coming. This painting is filled with dark colors which set the mood of sadness, betrayal, and panic. A fight is thrown into the painting to show disapproval of the armies actions.
The next couple of paintings are the most famous and known. Jesus has been beat beyond exhaustion. He falls to the floor and is being aided by the angles. The colors are bright in this painting which give the mood of Jesus being helped by his father; despite the suffering state he is in. To the left of the painting is the Virgin Marry praying for her son and above him is Peter the disciple who denied Jesus asking and praying for forgiveness.
Skipping the rest of the gruesome and sad stories we end up with this oil painting of Jesus Christ already crucified and the people gone. All but one person stays and it is Mary Magdalene kneeling and weeping. The colors are dark to set the tone of despair and death. The texture looks dull expect the area where Jesus and Mary are.
This canvas shows the people who still have love for Christ taking him to be buried. The dark colors set a strong tone of drama. This group includes Jesus followers taking his lifeless body down from the cross and preparing it for the journey to burial grounds. The whole texture seems rough because of all the emotions being shown through the colors used.
This final painting is the strongest of them all. So much is happing in this painting. We have Jesus stepping into the realm of the dead crushing the darkness and bringing forward light. Below him the dammed reach out for forgiveness and mercy. In front of them are Adam and Eve also begging and screaming for forgiveness. This painting is divided into two parts. The light where Jesus stands and the dark side where the dammed reach out for mercy. The texture seems divided as well; one Jesus’s side we get a sense of smoothness and on the dark side it looks more like a rough jagged texture.
Credits: All media
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