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By: Jared McNamara

Phoenician ivory carvers were strongly influenced by the themes and style of Egyptian art owing to traditionally close ties between the two cultures. Some Phoenician ivories illustrate purely Egyptian themes, but many use Egyptian motifs in entirely original compositions. This Nubian tribute bearer exhibits traits of the Phoenician style, characterized by the slender, elongated form of the bearer and his animal gifts, the precision of carving and intricacy of detail, and the distinct Egyptian flavor of both pose and feature.
Black granite kneeling figure of Khaemwaset. Only the lower portion of the figure remains. He is kneeling and holds a table of offerings before him. The pose is a highly formal and conventionalized one common to Egyptian art of various periods. Condition: The figure is missing from the navel up; the two feet are missing; the remaining surface is considerably chipped and pitted.
One figurine of a woman with "hammer-head", pierced to receive non-extant hair. Dot holes in groups represent tattooing. Condition: Excellent; Only the feet from the ankles down are missing.
Fragment of a turquoise blue faience figure of Isis. The figure is preserved from the waist down. Her left arm is missing from the armpit down. She wears a tripartite wig with curls "en echelon". The wig is partially covered with a vulture headdress. The nose is straight and thin. The lips are lifted and indented at the corners t o give the mouth the appearance of smiling. The eyes are long and thin with cosmetic lines. Condition: Left arm and lower part of the figure missing; large chip out of top of head; brown incrustation on lappets and sides of face.
In raised relief, representation of King Iuput II standing facing right. Arms pendant and clasping ankh in right hand, corset and kilt with tail. Cartouche at each upper corner.Condition: Mounted on slate backing in XIXth century. Assembled from several pieces with some areas of restoration through head, across center, at upper right corner and lower left corner.
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